Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meeting Minutes 9/6/11

Roll Call:
Active Brothers present: Alec Gilbert, Amber Rudolph, Jill Patterson, Joslyn Rohscheib, Katie Sheroski, Karissa Dyda, Lindsey Winn, Lindsey Marvicsin, Theresa Rigoni, Jacob Simon, Colleen Zeichman, Jackie Heigl, Emily Colletti, Ashley Reynolds

Also present:

1. Open according to Ritual @ 9:01PM

2. Welcome

3. Reports: E-board

a. President – Brother Hansen: Get approved on STUEY. Campus Life Night was a blowing success!

b. VP of Service – Brother Vargo :Celebration on the Grand set up 3-6 pm. Art Prize sign up no date yet. Feeding America West Food Bank Sept. 24th.

c. VP of Membership – Brother Sheroski: Conference roll call on Youtube. Scavenger Hunt for introduction with Bigs?

d. VP of Fellowship – Brother Zirnhelt

e. Secretary – Brother Wyant

f. Treasurer – Brother Marvicsin: Dues by Sept. 25th. Late fees!!! $63 for APO online and Fall dues.

g. Sergeant at Arms – Brother Gilbert: Updated roster and calendar. Also will be putting up the Bi-laws on BB. It is currently on STUEY.

4. Reports: Non E-board

a. New Member Educator- Brother Rohrscheib: New member meetings at Joslyn’s apt.?
b. Public Relations- Brother Rigoni: T-shirts
c. Rush- Brother Hejl/Patterson: Interest at Campus Life Night. Sign-up online for events. Memories from home rush event bring coloring books! Tour of GR if there is a place you’d like to go let Jill know.
d. Fundraising- Brother Gilbert/Rigoni: Duct tape roses. Dog tags. Forest of Fear will pay and feed the organization. Witch’s walk in the corn maze has been done before. Krispy Kreme?!?
e. Finance Assistant- Brother Winn: Finance Meetings.
f. Alumni Relations Chair- Brother Colletti: Pictures were taken at the Football game and at Campus Life Night. More Pictures!!! Will start using the blog. Jill can add you to the blog.
g. Advisor

5. Old Business: None

6. New Business: None
7. Fellowship Circle
a. Meeting closed with the Toast Song @ 9:38 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Wisdom Wyant
Secretary, Alpha Zeta Iota Chapter

Thursday, June 23, 2011


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